Frequently Asked Questions


How do you apply a Mini Wallers wall decal?

Download our fitting instructions here...  Fitting Instructions

Can I fit the decal to any wall?

Yes, provided the wall is in a good condition. We do not recommend fitting to a freshly painted wall, we recommend leaving fresh paint a minimum of 3 weeks to dry before applying your decal.

Please note that imperfections in the wall or rough textures may be visible on the decal once applied.

Can I reuse a wall decal?

The wall decals are easily removable and will not remove the paint from a well painted wall, it may be possible to move or reuse your decal however they are not designed for reusing in more than one location.

What are the wall decals made from?

The decals are made from a premium finely woven Polyester fabric. This gives it a superior quality and makes it easier to apply. Unlike the common regular vinyl decals, the decals will not shrink, curl, peel, bubble, stretch or rip easily.

We use Eco-Solvent inks on all of our wall decals.

Are they environmentally friendly?

Unlike regular vinyl decals, the Mini Wallers wall decals are free from environmentally damaging Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

How do you clean the decal?

Once fitted, it is possible to clean the decal with a lightly damp cloth.

Why is there a penguin on every design?

The original storyteller in our family was 'Bruce' (Bumpa!). He had a vivid imagination and a fascinating life from rally car driving to mountaineering glaciers and ballet to .... penguins! he lived in Penguin Cottage and could tell you everything you needed to know. It's in honour to Bumpa that i feature a penguin on every design.