Heart of Gold Screen Print

Heart of Gold Screen Print


Todays the day we are selling our Heart of Gold print and for every print sold we will donate £5 from each to the British Heart Foundation.

Mini Wallers was born out of the desire to inspire our children and allow them to adventure where ever their imaginations and hearts would take them. Their imaginations will take them to mountains and seas beyond belief, but their hearts will always bring them home again. To do this we need strong hearts, healthy hearts, Mini Waller hearts. We care so much about this as our very own Little Miss N has a condition called Wolfe Parkinson White, this means that sometimes she is unable to regulate her heartbeat and it can go a little nuts! She is now off her daily medication but we are more than aware that as matters of the heart go we were very lucky – by selling this print we hope to be able to donate money that will go into not only research but education to allow us all to care more for ours and our loved ones hearts.

Screen printed: With water based inks
300mm x 400mm onto GF Smith Colourplan 175gsm uncoated paper.

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