Be where your imagination takes you, build igloos with Bruce, bounce on clouds with Derek or dance in the rain with Val. Escape with our wall decals and create your own adventures, snuggle into our blankets, hang out with our garlands and once your adventures are done hang up your cape and let George, Emma or Bruce keep it safe until next time.

At Mini Wallers we create pieces to help transform a child’s bedroom, play room or little nook into a portal of escapism to captive and inspire. Let them be the daytime dreamers, the story tellers, the adventurers, go where their imagination takes you.


Shop small, be Elf’in Mighty!

Shop small, be Elf’in Mighty!

We all know the Christmas tradition that gets grown adults pouring flour all over the floor and blaming it on a toy Elf, well this year there are some new Elves in the mix!

As you all know Mini Wallers is our little creative worm hole, both Katie and I have day jobs that we do as fast as we can so that we can get back to Mini Wallers. My (Han) day job involves running a flooring business with my husband (yes, that’s right I am such a glutton for punishment I work with both my twin sister and husband… and I can’t really tell you which is more of a challenge!!) We have a small flooring shop in our village, it consists of a showroom, an office space and two gorgeous windows that I get to dress. This means that I live and my family rely solely on the small business life and can often be found working with the other business on the street to drum up some local support and awareness of what can be found on your doorstep. One of the main hurdles that we face is that in a small town we lose out to the bigger out of town shops and people just don’t shop local.

This Christmas, to educate people about what shops are actually on their doorstep we have created an Elf hunt. Mini Wallers will be ‘popping up’ on our main street for the month of December and will too be part of our Elf hunt. The idea is that each local business has named an Elf – a sticker of their Elf, with name, will be placed in their window for the Christmas period. These Elves will appear high and low on the high street as well as around town and in the quieter areas, the whole idea is to make people aware of what is available on their doorstep and to get them walking around the town. Each child in the local primary school will be given a printed interactive Map to fill in with each Elf name, they have to (with an adult!) walk around our beautiful town spotting Elves with a chance of winning a New Year hamper.

This is a very simple idea but one we hope will help people to become aware of what is in their town and have some good’ol family fun at the same time.

Now I’m sure you are wondering where you guys come in? Well, we have decided that our town just isn’t big enough for all our Elves and we would like to extend the offer of a personalised Christmas Elf sticker to everyone – a shop small, think big idea! My kids have already requested an Elf each for our front window, apparently Father Christmas will then know who to leave presents for.

We will be taking orders for the personalised Elf stickers for 1 week only – they will then be produced and sent out to you in early December ready for the big event.

So, join our Elf hunt, have a bit of festive fun and remember, that in your local shops there are some pretty awesome Elves busy working all year round – they may be small, but they are mighty!