Hello. I am a graphic designer, illustrator, bedtime reader, bath time lifeguard, stay at home mum, working mum, full time wife and most importantly a coffee addict! After the birth of my second child and with a husband who had just broken his femur I needed an escape, I needed something that was for me. At 4am staring at my little ones blank wall above his cot, ideas started to spark, thinking of my own childhood tales of witches, broogles and naughty magpies, my grandfather, Bumpa the original storyteller, inspired me to create something that would not only look great in a child’s room but would inspire stories, challenge imaginations and create unique memories. It has been about creating something special for families, the storyteller as well as the listener - a portal of escapism to captivate and inspire children as well as adults. It works for me and my family, my mini wallers can often be found chilling in the igloo with Bruce!
Where will your adventure take you? 

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