Hello, we are Katie and Han. We are sisters, we are sisters with a passion for design and for creating spaces where our children are able to escape into worlds they create. Worlds where flamingo’s play and penguins dance, where their imaginations can be free, a world that they can share with you.

Our own childhood was filled with tales of witches, broogles and naughty magpies. Our grandfather, Bruce, the original story teller inspired us to create something that would not only look great in a child’s room but would inspire stories, challenge imaginations and create unique memories. Our wall decals were the beginning of our adventure but by no means the whole story. Joined by a bevy of other products we are very proud of the Mini Waller family along with the adventures and stories they are inspiring.

It started with an empty space above a cot and has become so much more…
Where will your adventure take you?


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